Gluten is Toast…

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Not many people know that Gluten can become an opiate in an unhealthy Gut. Working with chronic fatigue so much over the last few years has had me seeing more than my fair share of poorly functioning digestive systems. Bloating, fermenting yeasts, food sensitivities, inflammation, IBS and more are a daily symptom for most of my CFS clients.
At the same time I see many cognitive function issues. Poor memory or forgetfulness being the main symptoms but low mood and anxiety are also commonly present.
If a poorly functioning Digestive system has the large and difficult to digest gluten protein introduced it can convert it to an opiate known as glutea-MORPHINE that easily passes through the blood brain barrier. This morphogenic opiate is a neurotoxin and has a pretty long list of neurological issues associated with it.
So make Gluten toast but do it carefully and with the help of an expert, me :-). There is plenty of  information for Chronic Fatigue or generally fatigued people on my website

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