My overall approach to wellness is holistic, focusing on the whole person and in particular the mind-body connection. I use a variety of interventions including massage, yoga, mindfulness, self-care practices and aromatherapy treatments.

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All my treatments and interventions are offered in different formats and styles depending on a person’s specific needs and preferences. Everyone is offered a caring and nurturing environment in which to relax, build connection and develop supports to help them live a fuller, healthier life. Every offering is unique because every person is unique. I also provide specialised wellness support to those with who have additional/ more complex needs.

As well as being qualified and experienced in massage therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, meditation facilitation and yoga teaching, I have over 20 years of professional social care experience, a strong academic background in social care and research and am a lecturer on the Certificate in Trauma Informed Care course in University College Cork.

Maura O’Donoghue Holistic Therapist & Wellness Practitioner Cork

Maura O’Donoghue

Holistic Therapist & Wellness Practitioner


Option 1 : Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment that works primarily on the feet. It is a type of foot massage that is based on the premise that the whole body is connected, and that using  pressure techniques on specific areas of the feet can help heal and support the whole body. It is a deeply comforting and calming treatment. It has many of the same benefits as body massage but is less intrusive as it is done only on the feet and you can remain clothed except for footwear.

Option 2 : Aromatherapy Massage

A holistic aromatherapy massage is a restorative, nurturing and relaxing treatment. Using a personalised blend of essential oils, the massage supports both body and mind. It is helpful for muscle tension, stiffness, and stress as it supports a sense of calmness, encouraging you to slow down and relax. When our body is in a relaxed state, it supports both our physical body and our emotions giving it an opportunity to rebalance and heal. If you are feeling low or lacking energy an aromatherapy massage can also help you to feel more revived and energised. The massage can include the full body, or focus on one or more areas such as head, hands or feet. An Indian head massage, aromatherapy facial or hair and scalp treatments are also wonderful options available. You can decide in the session what works best for you.

Option 3 : Personalised Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to support and heal the body and mind and enhance your health and wellness. It can help you to de-stress , uplift your mood, focus and clear the mind or aid you to sleep more easily and deeply. In the one-to-one aromatherapy consultation custom aromatherapy blends and products can be created to suit your unique needs. You  will also learn how to best incorporate aromatherapy into your daily life. An aromatherapy product is included as part of the consultation fee, and additional products and blends can also be purchased if required. Your bespoke custom product can be collected from the clinic a week after your consultation or can be mailed to you.

Option 4 : Personalised Wellness Support Session

A personalised  wellness support session is  a wellness session tailored to  your individual needs and preferences. If you are feeling stressed, struggling to sleep, lacking energy or focus, going through a loss or change, concerned with your physical welling or you simply want to refocus on your own self-care wellness support can be beneficial for you. A wellness session can include one to one yoga, sleep support, mindfulness, relaxation and self-care practices work, massage or a customised aromatherapy blend or product to support your wellbeing . It can include one of the above offerings or a blend of them all depending on what best suits your needs. These sessions work best when booked as a programme of 6 sessions but can also be booked for fewer sessions or even as a once off single session.


All offerings are approx. one hour and cost €80 per session.

All new clients will receive a  brief consultation phone call prior to their first appointment. This ensures that the service booked is  suited to your needs and allows more time in our session to focus on  your treatment.

Specialised Therapeutic Wellness Work

I also provide specialised wellness services to organisations and individuals including young people in the care and aftercare system, students in mainstream and alternative educational settings, those involved with mental health services, homeless services, women’s groups and other community groups and services.
To discuss this service or to make a referral please contact me directly on 089-6169337 or email at maura@luamwellness.ie.