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So excited to have Mary’s course starting in The Natural Clinic on Monday the 5th at 7:30. Just what a body & mind needs.

Mary Sky is a nurse and intuitive healer. She has studied and practiced in the Tibetan Buddist’s tradition for over 25 years. Currently studying within the Tibetan Bon tradition which dates to 17.000 years ago. She also travels to Peru annually for the past 8 years studying plant medicines within the Shamanic traditions of the Shipibo jungle tribes of the Amazon. She has also studied with the Qero shamans of the high mountains of Peru. These shaman/healers are known as “The Masters of the Living Energy”. She facilitates healing journeys to both Peru, South America and more recently to the elemental island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.  For more info please see Mary’s Web site,
She has been teaching and practicing the Tibetan yogas of Tsa Lung and Healing sounds for the past 12years and has permission from her teacher from that tradition,  Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche,  to pass these profound healing practices onto others.
Mary has a healing /body work practice in Cork city where she sees clients on a one on one basis.
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