Don’t detox!

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Well not quickly anyway. Just add foods to your snacks and meals every day that help rid your body of the toxins that you eat or drink every day.

Your body works hard these days. We have more toxins in our foods, water and environment to deal with than than a couple of generations ago and we are not consuming enough foods that help rid us of these on a daily basis. Doing a 3 or 5 day detox if done correctly is helpful in getting rid of stored toxins but it is also an extra strain on the body and especially the already overworked liver.

However adding foods to your diet every day can slowly, safely and over time much more effectively keep your detoxification system healthier and working better for you with every meal.

It’s so easy to add some specific foods and drinks to your daily routine that you’ll hardly know your doing good until you start to feel the results. From breakfast to an evening snack you can have specific vegetables, spices and teas with what you are already preparing. These foods are available in your supermarket and you may already be eating them regularly but if you know which ones to choose from you can make sure they are there working to help rid you of toxins.

Tea is a default liquid in Ireland. We drink a lot of it every day but if one or two cups of tea are replaced with a good (maybe even loose leaf) green tea then you are increasing your levels of antioxidants. 2 cups a day is plenty to have a positive effect. We are not trying to do anything fast here so more than that can put more pressure on your detoxification system. There is caffeine in green tea so having it early in the day is best.

We consume broccoli regularly enough but I see my clients only having it once or twice a week. 3 to 4 times a week would be great as it helps rid the liver of toxins and even excess hormones. It can easily be added to stir fries, stews, roasted, boiled or eaten raw. Give it a good wash and if you can why not go organic. The less toxins in then the less we have to detox.

Asparagus is easy to buy and cook. It goes great with anything and even on it’s own with some spices and olive oil it tastes great and is a major liver detoxifier.

Turmeric is a yellow coloured spice that gives indian food it’s colour and some of it’s flavour. This has many health promoting benefits alongside detoxification but a pinch a day is plenty and is easy to add to stir fry’s, stews and roasts and it goes great with cumin and ginger.

One other factor we often forget about is water. It’s not as simple as grabbing a glass at the sink as even is our relatively clean country the water can be too full of some minerals like molybdenum. It can be better to just ask yourself how much you are drinking and if it is less than two litres a day (besides teas etc.,) then it could have a daily advantage to have a glass or two of spring or mineral water to bring you up to that amount.

One factor to keep in mind is that most vegetables and fruits help us to detoxify in one way or another. I often ask my clients to have up to half of their plates filled with vegetables and that a quarter of the plate be a green vegetable. If that is not attainable every day then try it a few days a week. I’ve seen just that have good to amazing effects on people ability to keep the toxin levels in their bodies to a minimum. since most of my clients are chronically ill I see these changes as even more amazing.

We have a lot of pressure on our body every day. Make it an every day habit to help it stay healthy.

Don’t forget! Exercise moderately for 20 mins every day can have a huge effect too. Movement is our bodies most effective way of moving the toxins out of our lymph system.

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