Jungian Psychoanalysis in Cork


In this fast-paced world of constant distraction, it is increasingly difficult to simply be present. We want our problems to be solved quickly, at the press of a button, or with a magic pill, but the reality is that deep, lasting change requires time, space, patience and presence. Life is messy and engaging in a therapeutic process means getting your hands dirty, diving into the mess you are in and trying to sort it out. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, burn-out, addiction, grief or any other ailment, therapy can be a non-judgmental space in which to understand your situation and symptoms as messages from the unconscious that something needs to change before you can move forward in life.

I see my role as a therapist as being a companion and guide for you on that journey to healing. I can help you to become aware of your unconscious patterns by listening deeply to your stories, symptoms, dreams, and fantasies. By understanding your patterns and complexes, you receive the gift of increased consciousness and this in turn enhances your ability to change your patterns and meet whatever life throws at you with wisdom, empathy, acceptance and understanding.

It takes great courage to change but for those who choose this path less travelled by, the rewards are multi-fold. When you know yourself better, your self-esteem will improve, you can expect your relationships with others to improve, you will no longer be a victim of life but an active participant in it, and now that you have created this fertile ground for growth, new potentials of your personality can start to unfold. I see these changes happen again and again for those who commit to this process. It is a vocation and a true privilege to do this work.

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