Personalised wellness support program.


A personalised  wellness support session is  a wellness session tailored to  your individual needs and preferences. If you are feeling stressed, struggling to sleep, lacking energy or focus, going through a loss or change, concerned with your physical welling or you simply want to refocus on your own self-care wellness support can be beneficial for you. A wellness session can include one to one yoga, sleep support, mindfulness, relaxation and self-care practices work, massage or a customised aromatherapy blend or product to support your wellbeing . It can include one of the above offerings or a blend of them all depending on what best suits your needs. These sessions work best when booked as a program of 6 sessions but can also be booked for fewer sessions or even as a once off single session.

All new clients are offered the option of a free of charge initial phone call/online consultation. This allows more time in our session to focus on interventions and treatments and can also support you in choosing what will work for you.

To discuss this service or to make a referral please contact me directly on 089-6169337 or email at

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