Let it all out, a bit, maybe?


Is there an advantage to allowing others to see the odd, anxious, anti-social or even angry side of your personality?

Considering the following aspects I believe it is still worth being selective but this might be the year we aim for more openness and thoughtful communication with the people around us.

Allowing others to see your various sides may lead to a deeper understanding, for them, of your personality. It helps people comprehend your reactions and emotions, promoting empathy and communication.

Sharing your struggles or challenges, it opens the door for others to offer support and empathy. They may be more willing to help or provide a listening ear when they understand what you’re going through.

Being open about mental health challenges, including anxiety and antisocial tendencies, can contribute to reducing the stigma surrounding these issues. It normalizes the range of human experiences and emotions.

Acknowledging and expressing different aspects of yourself, even the less desirable ones, can be a step towards personal growth. It allows you to confront and understand these facets, potentially leading to positive changes.

What do you think? Do the risks outweigh the advantages?

Is it worth having a chat with someone about letting yourself be fully seen?

If you’d like to chat, get in touch with our team members in Cork and this could be a lifechanging year.


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