Long Covid?


My own career started when I specialised in working with people with chronic fatigue by using nutrition to repair the energy making systems of the body so they would work optimally and make the necessary energy for healing and long term health.

So, when I got drained and exhausted following my second Covid-19 infection and couldn’t shake it off I realised we were looking at another issues besides the breakdown of the body’s energy making system.

The immune system was a huge part of what had happened of course and I was determined to dive in and try to do as much as possible to get my energy back.

At the same time I was aware that so many people were on the same boat and I wondered if I could do anything or would I just have to ride out the storm and let the body slowly recover over time.

The answer was yes but that I could help my body do that more effectively with a specific food and supplement regime. Thankfully it was not long before I was feeling myself again and friends and family were commenting in how much better I looked and I felt a lot more vibrant than I had. So, I just went back to eating normal and within a week I was feeling tired and lethargic again. It was clear that this was something that needed a long term approach and I was at the stage where I would commit and stick to my plan just so I could wake up in the morning feeling rested with less aches and pains and that breathing was easy enough that I could exercise again. The plan worked brilliantly again and I am now back to the gym, running and have the energy to do whatever I want.

It became apparent that as I no longer practice there was little chance of me getting to work with people with long covid type symptoms similar to mine but at that time a new therapist was starting at the clinic and I was only too happy to hear she wanted to work with infectious diseases, long covid, TB and other immune related issues. We had some long chats about the approach she was taking and I was even happier. I would honestly recommend her to anyone looking for a natural approach to supporting your body in dealing with Long Covid. Kelly Gleeson is a Cork native and has completed a 4 year diploma in CNM last year, as I had myself in 2011. Her knowledge is incredible in that field and her approach with clients is progressive and effective enough that they are very happy they got started on the road to recovery in such good hands.

If you are unwell now that is not how it has to be, there are options. The Natural approach is one that your body is already ready for.

You can contact Kelly at her own page of The Natural Clinic website.


Kelly Gleeson Nutritional Cork


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