Can One to One Mindfulness therapy work with your anxiety?


If you’ve ever tried mindfulness you know it is hard to get right. As much as we try to be disciplined it is so easy to lose your way and end up getting frustrated or not really getting the results you want.

Why did you want to try it in the first place?

For many it is to help with their anxiety. The same anxiety that can rear it’s head when you think about ways of dealing with anxiety.

Often the very moment you sit down to try mindfulness is when the anxious thoughts remind you that you are doing this because you are an anxious person.

One to one session, in a comfortable setting with a experienced, masters level qualified mindfulness therapist could make it easier to learn to use Mindfulness for your anxiety.

It has been used for such a long time for anxiety. People report that they can be calm in almost any given situation when they become more familiar with practicing mindfulness.

We all know about the brains plasticity. The practice of mindfulness, when done properly and repeatedly, can reinforce the neural pathways, adjusting the anxious thought pattern right at it’s source. This is just one effect, people report many benefits to learning to practice mindfulness.

Anxiety and panic attacks are becoming a part of living in our modern world but is not a modern phenomenon, nether is being mindful but we now have the science to show us how it works and that is being used to perfect it’s use for symptoms of anxiety.

We take anxiety and panic attacks very seriously at The Natural Clinic, it is, in many cases, a debilitating condition. It does not have to be a life sentence.

Alfie Golden is a Cork native who studied Mindfulness at masters level in UCC to work with people who need help with their anxiety., as well as other cognitive and psycho-emotional conditions.

Even talking to Alfie can make a difference. The first 30 min session is free and there is no obligation to continue sessions.

This may be the year you make a change.

Learn more about Alfie, communicate with him or book a session with him here. Alfie Golden Mindfulness Cork | The Natural Clinic



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