Naturopathy & Nutritional Therapy in Cork.

Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Sometimes you know you are not well because of your lifestyle including your diet. Talking to someone about the best way to work with what your body needs can make it more specific and easier to get healthy and feel well or even incredible.

Understanding that you can make a huge difference to your health through lifestyle changes is the first step to feeling healthy again.

The next best step is to speak to someone who can help make changes that will make a difference and who can make it last.

We all see so many online options that promise so much but often aren’t right for you or don’t make a lasting difference.

Based in Cork, Louise is a highly regarded naturopath and nutritional therapist, bringing nearly two decades of expertise to the realm of natural health. As the founder of Loula Natural, her dedication lies in guiding you towards optimal health through empowering and natural approaches. Louise is committed to helping you build a personalised toolbox for your well-being.

Who Would Benefit?

Women: Hormone balancing, pre/postnatal and peri/menopause support.
Children: Holistic approaches for overall well-being, puberty support and nutrition.
Anxiety Sufferers: Techniques for recognising behaviours, triggers, managing and reducing anxiety.
Hormone Imbalance: Tailored solutions for women’s health for all ages.
ADHD/Coping Techniques: Natural approaches for focus and coping.
Chronic Pain: Specialized support for managing chronic pain conditions.
Chronic Conditions: Support for Fibromyalgia, Digestive Issues, and Autoimmune Conditions.
Nervous System Exhaustion: Techniques to restore and rejuvenate.
Trauma Survivors: Gentle approaches to support healing.

Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Louise Kane Buckley

Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Tailored Holistic Services

Explore personalized one-hour in-person and online consultations, available every Thursday at The Natural Clinic in Cork.
Priced at Euro 90, sessions encompass:

Nutritional Therapy:

Personalised dietary plans for optimal health.
Nutrient optimisation for improved energy and vitality.
Support for immune system, hormone balance, energy and digestive health.


Stress reduction and relaxation.
Enhanced emotional well-being.
Improved sleep and overall energy balance.
Pain management

EFT Tapping:

Anxiety and stress reduction.
Emotional release and healing.
Increased emotional resilience.
Nervous system regulation
Improved sleep and pain management.
Support for addiction cessation and other cycles of behaviour
Supports parenting

Bach Flower Remedies:

Emotional balance and harmony.
Stress relief and mood enhancement.
Support for emotional well-being during life transitions.

Ear Acupuncture:

Pain relief and management.
Stress reduction and relaxation.
Support for addiction cessation.

Mindfulness Coaching:

Stress reduction and improved focus.
Increased self-awareness and emotional regulation.
Enhanced overall mental well-being.

Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy:

Nervous system regulation and relaxation.
Pain relief and enhanced physical well-being.
Support for trauma resolution and emotional healing.

Author, Reiki Master & Educator

Louise not only holds qualifications as a Nutritional Therapist but is also the published author of “Culture Your Life,” a comprehensive guide to Kefir and Kombucha. As a Reiki Master, she teaches Level 1 and 2, empowering individuals to tap into their natural energy for healing. She has also been a Lecturer for CNM in Cork and writes both online and in-person courses on a number of health topics such as EFT for parenting, Foraging our Hedgerows, How to use herbs from your garden, Kefir and Kombucha and also Family health

Cork Clinic Locations

Meet Louise for one-on-one or online consultations at The Natural Clinic in Cork (Thursdays). Each naturopathic session is a personalized exploration of tools tailored to your unique needs, seamlessly integrating into your life for lasting well-being.


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