One cell that makes a huge difference.


It may seem like a bold statement, but it is harder to be healthy if you have a damaged or unhealthy small intestine.

Specifically if the cells of the small intestine, the enterocytes are not healthy.

Millions of these cells make up the lining of your small intestine. Each of these cells needs to be nurtured back to health so they can support your body’s systems.

Why are they so important? 

The lining of the small intestine absorbs (or doesn’t) the vitamins and minerals from your food. If you have healthy enterocytes, you will absorb much more from your food.

Adequate nourishment is essential to your health, yet this isn’t the only job for your enterocytes. It is also responsible for up to 80% of your immune system and it’s inflammatory response. If you have an auto-immune disease like arthritis or Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD) you will know that reducing inflammation is important. Especially if you have other immune regulated conditions, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, asthma, ulcerative colitis and eczema, to name a few.

So the condition of your small intestinal lining can affect these conditions?

Yes! But that is not all, they also have a huge influence on your serotonin production and storage. In fact, up to 95% of your serotonin is made and stored in your enterocyte cells. SSRI’s stop you from losing serotonin from the neural synapse. Well, imagine if you had an abundance of serotonin produced in your small intestine — you could afford to lose some.

Is there anything else this often-neglected cell can do for you?

Well, it can affect your nervous system enough to keep your digestive nervous system from being able to switch off its warning systems. It’s hard to relax if your gut is in a nonrelaxed state. If your small intestinal cells are relieved of this battle with the wrong foods, you will feel less stress.

Ok, so by now you might be thinking this cell is pretty important, and hopefully, you’d like to have it as healthy as possible. You might think this is going to be hard to do. But it isn’t with the system we use here. We have four Nutritional Therapists in our clinic, and we each work to boost the health of our client’s enterocytes. This cell is like the foundation for your overall health and getting this cell thriving makes it easier to make you healthier, recover faster, or just feel better. Our clients are often surprised at how much of a difference it makes, but we’ve seen it enough times not to be.

Your enterocytes are always trying to support you, they just need a little boost. Come build that missing link to your health.



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