‘Osteopathy is amazing’ says our Nutritional Therapist!


When I was working with chronic fatigue clients exclusively for almost a year and a half I learned a lot about how the body’s musculoskeletal system can affect how a body functions.

My Corkonian and national and sometimes international clients (skype is so handy) were responding fantastically to having their bodies systems of making energy restarted by specific therapeutic foods but if there was a muscular issue like a tight neck or shoulder muscles or a spinal issue like hip misalignment then I would have a harder time getting the body out of crisis mode and into it’s natural healing mode.

My very first time adding osteopathy to my clients healing schedule blew my mind. It increased the ability for the body to naturally balance and heal so much faster and made it easier for my clients to return to a normal life. So, When I decided to open my city clinic I know I wanted an osteopath on board.

When I met our new osteopath Marion Lynch just two weeks ago I could see she had a natural ability to grasp the concept of helping a body to heal gently through osteopathy to assist in the self healing process so popular with our clients at The Natural Clinic.

I love watching a body heal itself naturally and I know osteopathy is a necessary part of that for many of my clients. Our entire nervous system is passing through the spine so if it is off even just a little then it may not function properly leaving the body in a less than optimal healing state, symptoms can include fatigue, hormone imbalance and digestive issues to name a few.

Give The Natural Clinic a chance to help and you will see how much can happen when you let your body do what it has been trying to do and heal itself naturally.




Take care, Leonard Murphy Nutritional Therapist and director at The Natural Clinic on Sullivan’s Quay, Cork.

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