Root Cause VS Symptoms


When Leonard Murphy came up with the concept of The Natural Clinic it was to help Cork to become healthier using holistic therapies that work together to treat the root cause of poor health.

Now with 12 different therapists working here time and again people see symptoms improve and the reason they disappear and don’t come back in so many cases is that we are not masking symptoms to make you feel better, we are working at a deeper level than that. We are collectively or individually looking at your body from a holistic perspective and questioning the reason your body is expressing a symptom.

Many conditions are just symptoms of a body in crisis. Will the body heal properly without taking it out of crisis mode and into it’s natural healing mode? Not likely.

To heal will need your body to get involved and help out too. That is where we come in, from Osteopathy to acupuncture and  deep tissue to diet your body gets what it needs to give it the opportunity to heal itself. Imagine a body can do that and we often don’t let it.

Well you can at The Natural Clinic in Sullivans Quay, Cork and your body will thank you and reward you for years to come.

We make a real difference and we have the happy clients to prove it.



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