A holistic clinic?


In the years of working with fatigue issues I saw some serious health issues come in the door but since I opened the natural clinic I can’t believe how many really sick people use holistic therapies along with their medicinal advice or on its own. They are being referred in many cases by their GP or a friend who knows how powerful it can be.

I think having gathered such a team of serious therapists who have worked and grown their own practise over years is a major advantage, people already know and trust them or have experience of their type of therapy working well or incredibly well in some cases before.

Add a great therapist to a really professional setting in a perfect city centre location and it’s no wonder we are the biggest and best in such a short space of time.

To give you a general idea of what is available,

osteopathy for pain, aches, muscle issues, sports injuries and balance of your entire body,

acupuncture for fertility, nervous system issues, pain, muscle aches and more..

3 nutritional therapists to balance digestive issues, hormones, glandular issues, fatigue, energy, skin, immune issues, anxiety and depression and general health

2 kinesiologists that are working with trauma from childhood that effects how we are now. Facing ting and very effective, life changing for many people.

2 reflexologists (face & foot), feel good and a therapeutic effect for your whole body.

deep tissue and Chinese massage to help the muscles and mind unwind.

blood tests for food allergies and intolerances,

psychotherapists and  counselling is also getting amazing results here as part of the whole body and mind approach.

and don’t forget we do vouchers for the lot so someone can choose their own therapy.

This September sees a few new therapists coming on board so keep an eye on thenaturalclinic.ie Where you can book any of them online in less than a minute. How cool is that.

If you haven’t seen the place yet it is well worth checking out the pictures on our Facebook page and meeting some of the team there too.

So rest assured, Cork is sorted on the holistic therapy front. That is good news for everyone’s future. Give us a call if you have any questions and we will hopefully help you soon.

Take care,

The Natural Clinic Team. 0214 311977

Thanks for reading.


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