Pregnancy will make you go through a lot of postural changes to accommodate the growing foetus. The increase of weight will shift your centre of gravity forward, increasing the pressure you are putting on your lumbar spine. Hormones are released to soften your ligaments to allow for the growth and passage of the child. However, this added flexibility also occurs in your joints and can make you more prone to injury.
As wonderful as pregnancy can be, you might experience:
– Low back pain/pelvis pain
– Sciatica
– Neck pain
– Shortness of breath and indigestion
– Rib pain
– Hips pain

How Osteopathy Can Help During This Period  (15% off your first session)

Tiffany Personnez uses gentle, non-invasive techniques to help release the tensions you have built in your muscles and spine and reduce the pain.
Also, during the delivery, the pelvis needs to be free to allow the baby rotation and progression through the birth canal. Osteopathy can facilitate labour by helping improve pelvic alignment and freedom of motion. Mothers also report better recovery after the delivery when they have been prepared for the birth. Read more here.

Reflexology: The Birth Preparation Programme (15% off your first session)

Lorraine Walsh offers the Birth Preparation Programme to prepare for the wonderful experience of giving birth. Lorraine’s aim is to help you on your journey to motherhood, providing a space where you can confidently prepare to birth your baby, to be ‘Birth Fit’ physically, mentally and emotionally. Lorraine combines her expertise as a therapist and prenatal yoga instructor to create a programme to support you in all stages of labour. Read more here.