The new wave of health.


You would not believe the growth phase we are going through already in the The Natural Clinic.

We have 3 new therapists with brand new interesting and helpful therapies that have already started or are starting in june.

If you need an osteopath or an acupuncturist or someone to talk to about your emotional issues or a hypnotherapist or an EFT practitioner The Natural Clinic in Cork is the place for you.

We have Free Classes and courses too so If you need to relax or unwind in Cork City then The Natural Clinic is the place for you too.

That is besides the Holistic Health therapists we already have here like

Nutritional Therapist Leonard Murphy,

Kinesiologist Tony Galvin,

Deep tissue Massage  and physical Therapist Claire Daly,

Reflexologist and Massage Therapist Andrea De Paor,

Psychotherapist and counsellor April Bergin.

Our New Therapists are

Michelle Hardwick, Support and change councillor,

Catherine Clooney, facial reflexologist,

and Sinead Casey, Acupuncturist.

More to come……

Have a look at our easy to book websote to book or call reception on 0214 311 977.



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