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So it’s 2016 and January is looking pretty tough if you’ve been neglecting your health, as most people do, especially over the holidays.

The break was great and well deserved but getting started into health on your own can be hard. That’s what we can help with.

One word that popped up a lot in posts over the christmas was anxiety. Most people find the time at home tough going but anxiety sufferers have a harder time because their brain in not kept busy and the monkeys of worry have plenty of time to get to work.

As the clinic grew in 2015 we became a hub for many conditions and one major condition we became known for was anxiety along with depression and other emotional issues. we proved ourselves worthy of the challenge and helped many people in Cork work through and come out the other side of these often debilitating emotions.

Seeking help from an expert can be stressful in itself but trust that once you reach out to us we will support you through all of the necessary steps.

Make that call or send that email today or just go ahead and book online and let us do the rest.

The individual or combined therapies here include,

Nutritional therapy/nutritionists, kinesiology, acupuncture, osteopathy, reflexology, psychotherapy, deep tissue massage, life coach, mindfulness and emotional support during change and , ayurvedic Massage.

To learn more about each practitioner/practise or  book through the website click here www.thenaturalclinic.ie or call reception on 0214 311 977 and speak to someone today. We have the collective experience and knowledge of natural health that might make a real long term difference in how you feel.

Take care,

The Natural Clinic Team.

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