Cellular detoxification made easy.


We’ve all heard the word DETOX a little too much already but this one is something else.

If you add an advanced food and supplements regime like NUTRI to a highly qualified and detoxification specified Nutritional Therapist like Carol Daly you get the perfect 2 week & beyond system that empowers you to become and stay healthy.

The Natural Clinic is delighted to have this available to suggest to you because we know it works and has already worked for so many people.

A clean cell works well. Your cells are probably crying out for this and once it has begun to work it can really make you want to stay clean for life.

Give carol a call https://thenaturalclinic.ie/nutrition-therapy/or book your detox consultation online with carol at the The Natural Clinic website www.thenaturalclinic.ie¬†or call reception on 0214 311 977. You can drop into reception on Sullivan’s Quay too.

What are you going to do today to be healthy? How can we help?carol-daly


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