Why am I so cold all the time?


So many of the clients here  tick the box on our questionnaires to indicate they feel cold easily or have cold hands or feet most of the time.

When the human body feel under threat, from being unwell, from stress, vitamin or mineral deficiencies or from even a mild trauma it engages the, inaccurately named, sympathetic nervous system.

When this part of the system is alerted keeping blood flowing to the peripheral parts of the body like the hands and feet becomes less of a priority than having it circulate in the brain, heart and lungs.

It also means that the digestive system shuts down over time too so you are getting less nutrients into your already pressed system, causing more of what the body sees as a crisis, increasing the sympathetic nervous systems hold on you.

Essentially, your body is no longer working for your long term health anymore, it is more focused on surviving this crisis mode you are in.

One of the most important factors about what happens here at The Natural Clinic and why we see such improvement in health is that we help the body move into its natural state, engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, the more relaxed part of our system.

This allows your systems to start working for you again. In this Natural healing mode your body can start to take care of itself, especially if we are working with it to give it all it needs to naturally heal itself.

So take care of yourself with our help and support.

The Natural Clinic team.

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