Acupuncture arrives and thrives at The Natural Clinic



Hayley Power arrived at the clinic with her particularly brilliant form of acupuncture and instantly became popular with the other therapists here and with the clients who are already singing her praises. So much so that from next week Hayley is already moving to 2 days a week, Wednesday and Thursday at The Natural Clinic.

With the recent addition of Brendan Mills-Life Coach and Valentina Coniglio-Clinic Psychologist to the team too we are really standing out as the biggest and best holistic Clinic.

The Natural Clinic Team now has

3 Nutritional Therapists, Leonard Murphy, Carol Daly and Debra Holland.

2 Kinesiologists, Tony Galvin and Kate Kalin,

2 Reflexologists, Catherine Clooney and Andrea de Paor,

An osteopath, Marion Lynch,

A psychotherapist, April Bergin,

A deep tissue Massage therapist, Claire Daly,

A craniosacral therapist, Louise Burke,

A Support therapist trained in EFT, CBT, Hypnotherapy and mindfulness, Michelle Hardwick,

Book any of our therapists online at or through the reception phone number that everyone remembers 0214 311 977 or drop into reception on Sullivans Quay.

Once you make the decision to change we can support your transition to a healthier you.





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