body-mind-life sorted in one place


Just yesterday I was working with a really exhausted Chronic Fatigue Client who wanted to know what else she could do to help besides what she was doing with my Nutritional Therapy for Chronic Fatigue sessions.

I showed her the website on the computer on my desk and started to tell her the advantages of each therapy and and it hit me that we are at nearly 14 different therapies now, each working to get you body, mind and life back to a balanced and healthy state, naturally.

With Hayley Power the acupuncturist being the last to join the group and Brendan Mills the Life coach just before her at around the same time as Clinical Psychologist Valentina Coniglio we are attracting the best therapists in Cork.

You can leave it to us to help support you through change too with support session available from Michelle Hardwick and April Bergin.

So what do you need.  Some body work with osteopathy from Marion Lynch, acupuncture with Hayley Power , reflexology with Catherine Clooney or Andrea de Paor, deep tissue massage with Claire Daly, Reflexology with Tony Galvin or Kate Kalin, Nutritional Therapy with me, Leonard Murphy or Carol Daly or Debra Holland (who does a nifty 40 minute food intolerance blood test).

There are even more great Therapists waiting in the wings so stay tuned.


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