The Metabolic detox with Carol Daly at The Natural Clinic.


It’s been a while but you would not believe how busy the natural clinic has been.
We are still growing and still making waves in Cork peoples health.

A big part of that is giving people what they want and doing it properly.
When the natural clinic does a detox you can bet it is a humdinger of a detox.

Carol Daly is not just a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist from the college of naturopathic medicine but also furthered her studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine and Nutri where she was trained in metabolic detox protocols.

So you know she knows how to clean out those cells and keep em clean safely and effectively.
The people who have signed on already are rearing to go and there are a few spaces left if you are ready for a real change from the inside out.

The Natural Clinic is bringing you the best versions of holistic therapies.
Nutritional Therapy,
Physical Therapy,
Clinical PSychology,
and more….just ask…..0214311977.

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