A wonderful new Therapist at The Natural Clinic.

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caitrionaCATRIONA CAHALANE H.M.T., N.R.R.I. Reflexology, trained in holistic massage in San Francisco and graduated in 2003. When she returned home to Ireland Catriona continued her training in Pregnancy Massage, Ear Candling and Reflexology. Catriona specialises in women’s health and her treatments are tailored to suit the individual requirements with a particular interest in nutrition, hormonal and pregnancy reflexology. Catriona’s approach is entirely holistic taking into account the client’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

” Research has proven, the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy leading to reduced labour time, less pain relief, calmer and more relaxed babies, along with a positive impact on postnatal depression, anxiety and hormonal levels.”

Catriona is here now and ready to look after you so look after yourself in 2015 with a visit to her practise at The Natural Clinic. 0214 311 977

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