World Heart Day


Today is World Heart Day.

World Heart Day is about raising awareness of cardiovascular disease. Many of us have lost loved ones to the disease, or struggle with it ourselves. It’s a cause that should rightly be promoted, acting as a call-to-action for those of us who know we need to do something about our health.

We are creatures of habit, and it’s a sad truth that those who most need help are often too caught up in their lives to take action. Why is this the case? And to promote health, do we only concern ourselves with the muscular pump and collagenous tubes involved in circulating blood around our body?

Often when we talk about the heart, we’re talking about something else.

When we say someone has “a good heart” we’re most likely talking about someone who cares for others. When we use the term “heartbroken”, we’re most likely talking about someone experiencing the loss from a relationship or a loved one. All too often, our health fails because we live without “listening to our heart”.

What do we really need? What do we really want?

Most people know that, underneath it all, we want to feel good. Who wouldn’t rather feel and be healthy? And who, underneath the daily knocks, the mental blocks and conditions we struggle with on a daily basis, wouldn’t want to experience more joy, love, and live their life to the fullest?

We know that when we are healthy, not only are our hearts and other organs performing better; equally if not more importantly, we are able to feel, to live and to love and to enjoy. More fully, more wholly.

Who doesn’t want that?

But we are creatures of habit.Too often, we are held back in our lives by the inertia of habit. It can be hard to change things up. Especially when it feels as if the changes we want would require a massive effort.

So instead of asking ourselves how we can get there, what if we asked ourselves what small step we could take today that will yield the most results? What small step can we take today to promote our health?

The Natural Clinic team have been working together for two years now. These are highly skilled people whose metaphorical hearts are in the right place. When someone works with you with the best of intentions from their heart, their passion, their skill and their interest all help you to thrive.

Very often, our clients often open up to tell us how their lives have been turned around by someone on our team. There’s something about having a group of highly skilled people collaborating with your best interests at heart. Working from the heart, getting to know you and understand what’s going on for you, who are always taking the best action to support you.

Today, a therapist in our team confided that they felt honoured and touched to be a support for a client during a difficult time in their life.  Think about how amazing it can feel to know that your therapist sees you as more than ‘the next patient’, but always has your best interests at heart. We’ve all experienced patient care on the other side of the scale. But we are all human beings. And every one of our team does what they do because we want to help.

So on World Heart Day, get in touch with your heart. What do you want? And what small steps can you take today to get there?

If you believe we might be able to help, but you’re unsure, feel free to talk to us. Leonard Murphy acts as our Client Advisor. He genuinely has your best interest at heart and will give you advice based on what you need. Clients find him extremely helpful when they need clarity or when they need to take a step to feel healthy, so they can get back to enjoying everything life has to offer.

We have many success stories from working with people, from physical heart issues to stress, anxiety, pain, bereavement, depression and more. And we have many choices of therapies and approaches. But behind every practice is a human being. To us, the practitioner is as important as the practice. More than anything, this clinic is about the people. Each practitioner is chosen not only for their skill, which is exceptional in every case, but for who they are.

That being said, this is who we are and what we do:

  • Nutritional Therapy with Carol Daly and Jorien Verstraten,
  • Kinesiology with Tony Galvin and Kate Kalin,
  • Positive change therapy with Michelle Hardwick,
  • Acupuncture with Hayley Power,
  • Facial Reflexology with Catherine Clooney,
  • Osteopathy with Marion Lynch,
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling with Caroline Crotty,
  • Life Coaching with Brendan Mills.
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology with Michelle Gupta,
  • Bioresonance & food allergy testing with Justyna Klar,
  • Alexander Technique & LearningMethods with Andrew Monaghan,
  • Children’s Nutrition with Louise Quinlan and
  • Corrective Sound Therapy with Brid Flynn.

If you’d like to arrange a Personal Health Consultation, you can leave a message for Leonard on 021 4311 977

Happy World Heart Day. We wish you well.



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