15 Billion reasons to try the alternative


Recently it was revealed that the HSE spent almost 15 billion on healthcare last year in Ireland.

Almost everyone will need medical intervention at some point but is there of it happening less frequently for some people or just not until they are much older.

Absolutely there is. For a lot of people actually.Natural-Health-Food-as-Medicine

You can maintain your health for longer and postpone the chances of needing medical interventions like drugs, surgery, doctor and specialist visits and more.

It can save you money and in a lot of cases keep you healthy for longer to take some time out of your busy life.  Some choose to walk on the beach more often or be in nature (without a phone in your hand). A comfortable fitness regime can make your body’s processes of detoxification and blood/oxygen circulation improve too. You can learn ways to engage the calmer part pf your nervous system more with meditation or breathing techniques. All of these can help take the pressure off but sometimes you need more.

You might need an expert in Natural Healthcare.

Your body is trying its best to be well, so give it a helping hand by taking care of issues like your diet with expert professional advice or work to rebalance your body with an Osteopath or an Alexander practitioner.

Your stress levels can negatively affect your health so help yourself with Kinesiology, Reflexology, a massage or by working through emotional restraints that keep you in a stressed state with an experienced practitioner used to working with the reasons behind your stress. kinesiology-3-250

The right practitioner is important and we have 17+of the best here so you can ask our client advisors what might work best for you on 0214 311 977 or info@thenaturalclinic.ie or drop into our reception on Sullivans Quay.

Or browse through the options yourself here. https://thenaturalclinic.ie/





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