The neural bundle of nervousness.



People with anxiety tend to spend less time doing the things they enjoy because of fear of fear or fear of panic. Fear is a natural reaction to many situations but for some, that fearful emotion is there in the car, in the cafe, in the elevator, at work, on the phone, on holidays. It can be there all the time in some of the cases we see.

In others, it is just something that stops them going to this or that social event or from going for that promotion or talking to the guy/girl they like.

But there are some physiological events happening when you have anxiety that are real, not imagined, in the background that you may not be aware of.

What has actually happened in a lot of cases is that they have created a neural bundle in the brain that thoughts around a certain situation pass through before you can say yes or no. This pretty much happens instantaneously so before you know it you are anxious before you get a chance to really assess the situation.  This neural bundle grows bigger and bigger with more use and over time and can become a dominant pattern for other situations too.

When we work with anxiety we are looking at the natural response becoming a little more natural to you. We help to dissipate the neural bundle around a situation that brings on the anxiety.

You can reduce the size of the neural bundle and ever time have it affect you less and less. Out Natural Healthcare practitioners are seeing this happen all the time, some quickly and some not as quick, depending on the person’s own learned responses.

We often see IBS clients with Anxiety or depression too. The gut is a major player in the nervous system’s response to anxious situations. We work to heal specific cells in the gut that allow the nervous system to calm itself.

There are many options for support for anxiety at the clinic. Have a look and see which one of our team of professional therapists suit you. If you have any questions you can email or call reception or the therapists themselves. Many work through Skype too if you can’t make it in.

We have what works here so please don’t let the time stolen by anxiety increase any further, start today and let us do what we do best.




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