Are you allowing yourself to become healthy.


Front of Clinic (2)Are you allowing your body to heal or getting in the way.
Before you become healthy your body needs to be allowed to do what it does naturally….heal.

A case in point is the fertility issue. With infertility on the increase at an alarming rate we could get bogged down here with trying to force a body to conceive under non conception friendly circumstances. The body might be busy dealing with stress or a poor diet and at the same time be expected to become a perfect environment for a developing foetus.

Environmental factors like stress and diet can get in the way or be part of the process of helping the body feel safe, well and supported enough to heal itself enough to conceive, naturally.

Here at The Natural Clinic we just simply take the pressure off using Nutritional Therapy, Acupuncture and Cranial Osteopathy directed at bringing the body’s natural hormonal rhythm, nervous system and any other imbalances into a natural, healthy, fertility friendly balance.

It is proving to be very successful and percentage wise would knock some of the results from other versions of fertility treatment out of the park, of course, it is working with a perfect natural system already in place for millions of years.
No tricks, gimmicks or crazy diets, Just natural stuff.

We have plenty of therapies to help during pregnancy and birth and for babies, toddlers, children and grown up children too.

If you are interested in knowing more about our busy, vibrant Cork City Centre Clinic then have a look at this
We do not charge extra just because you are coming for fertility, that would be unfair.
We hope to see you soon.
Take care.
The Natural Clinic Team

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