What is Natural Healthcare?


Have you ever just wanted your body to feel healthy again without having to rely on someone else to do it again and again and again which may or may not be effective, sometimes leaving you worse off, poorer or frustrated and feeling helpless.

Our approach is to work with the body’s own natural systems and restore their ability to take care of you. Your body knows what to do, it’s a system that has works for millions of years and we take the pressure off allowing it to work, naturally.

This empowers you and gives you control of your own health and with our direction and help make it easier to feel improvements in your body, your mind and your sense of wellbeing.

As a client recently saidtotal-health-sm “I forgot what it’s like to feel good and I accepted feeling sick as just how it it going to be, forever, I’m so glad I found this place”.

The power of a team of therapists working together on you is amazing. Have a look at the team on thenaturalclinic.ie

Besides Nutritional Therapy with Leonard Murphy and Carol Daly our team of qualified natural therapists includes,

Osteopathy with Marion Lynch, who also works with the craniosacral approach.

Acupuncture with Hayley Power,

Kinesiology with Tony Galvin and Kate Kalin,

Foot and facial reflexology with Catherine Clooney,

Emotional support for stress, anxiety and depression with Caroline Crotty and Michelle Hardwick,

Life coaching with Brendan Mills,

Deep therapeutic massage from Siobhan Grant.

Massage therapies, reflexology and mindfulness with Michelle Gupta.



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