“But I already eat healthy”.


In 5 years of practice I have heard “but I eat very well” or “but I already eat healthy” too many times to remember.

It’s usually said as a question like “why did I get this condition, I’ve always had plenty of salads and vegetables”? That’s great and an important foundation to build on but it is often not enough. Not that you have to be super strict just more specific.

It’s often more about Natural-Health-Food-as-Medicinegiving your body a period of System Specific foods and recipes that will help engage a part of the body that is not working properly. It might be the first time you’ve ever really looked after your Gut, your liver, your cell membrane, your joints.. the list continues.You may  actually have been inadvertently putting them under serious pressure.

That’s why I became a Nutritional Therapist, because I know I could actually make a difference to people who really need it.

When you are ill it is likely not enough to just eat healthy, you’ve got to eat specifically healthy.

Food can be used therapeutically.

I enjoy watching people recover from conditions they thought would be there forever using food. The body just loves the stuff and has done for millions of years, why reinvent the wheel?

Your health is your wealth, spend it wisely.





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