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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage And 
Enhancing Sports Performance
The Importance Of Flexibility
Flexibility is defined as, ‘The ability to move a muscle through its full range of motion’.
Any individuals ‘Range Of Motion’ can be restricted by a lack of flexibility. This can negatively impact on the performance of routine movement.
What exactly is Flexibility?
When we excercise a muscle, the muscle fibres naturally tighten and shorten.
Shorter muscle fibres mean less force of contraction.
Stretching out these contracted fibres post excercise will loosen them and bring them back to their original shape.
This helps to retain the optimal force of contraction of the muscle.
How can Ayurvedic Yoga massage enhance my fitness goals?
AYM is a unique and specialised style of deep tissue massage therapy combined with yoga stretching.
No prior yoga experience is required and is suitable for all ages.
The receiver is led into progressively deeper postures, releasing muscle knots and adhesions, correcting postural imbalances and increasing range of motion.
Treatment takes approximately 90 minutes. This also includes the therapist walking on the receivers back and backs of legs.
For optimum results the recommended number of sessions are between 2 and 4 to gain full benefit.
Hugely beneficial for athletes of all types, especially Golfers, Runners, Cross Fitters or anyone suffering from stiff joints, tight hips and tired overworked muscles.
I also specialise in the following treatments;
Holistic Massage
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Nutritional Therapy
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