Colonics in the clinic


As a big advocate of the natural approach we work closely with some of Corks best Nutritional Therapists to let the body do what it really loves to do, cleanse your colon and get you healthy, with a little help.

Although we do not offer colonic irrigation at The Natural Clinic you can help to cleanse your colon, your digestive system, your liver, skin and just about your whole body with an experienced and well renowned Nutritional Therapist at the clinic. You can increase your energy, lose weight, balance your hormones, improve mood, look vibrant, improve your immune response, decrease inflammation, improve fertility and much more without the need for colonic irrigation.

Other therapies that can help are massage, reflexology, acupuncture, counselling, a life coach and many more of the great Natural Therapies at the clinic. Check out the full team here.


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