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Speaking to people lately feels different. I’ve asked and people are saying the same. From my own perspective I feel closer to people even when they are far away. We can communicate so easily these days but were we really connecting, are we connecting now? Is the extra I feel from people when we talk because the rushing has stopped and we can actually listen and express more freely?

Being able to communicate with people at that level has some pretty interesting results. I’ve had conversations that have exposed the real person behind the words and I think they got the same from me. I’ve talked about how the conversation has changed a few times with friends and they sometimes mention that they feel good after the chats, as do I, better than before.

I’ve usually had some stress relieved and gained something, perspective, a feeling of being loved, accepted and safe to express my more vulnerable side. The value of that to me has been amazing. It’s contributed to my happiness and thereby my mental health during this time of change, when we might need that more than ever. I loved the lockdown for a few reasons and that is definitely one of them.

Whatever happens next I hope that I can stay in this mindset when I communicate with people. It’s easier than I thought to just ask how someone is when emailing, or to emphasis that I really want to know how they are in a text and to share a little more of how I am. The payoff is worth that effort so far anyway.

If you need to chat to someone please get in touch. We are all here for you either online or in person from very soon. Whether you are looking for a life coach or something deeper, now is a great time to start taking care of yourself.

Take care.


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