Listening to Newstalk radio today and a debate about whether it is better to eat organic or not. There were for and against and some fairly outrageous comments from either side but the main impression was that they were not really knowledgeable on either side.


Confusion reigns when it comes to what is good or bad for you. With social media fast becoming the main way that people get news and information on health, we read and see contradicting opinions being presented as absolute fact all the time. A lot of what is out there is black or white, this is good or that is bad. This can be very frustrating, especially when you are not well and want to do your best to be well again.

As therapists, we have to work in a more colourful frame of mind. Human health is complex and being healthy is never about doing 1 thing right.

Many health concerns stem from one pressure on your body being added on top of another and another until something has to give. So if you add a poor diet to a lack of exercise and then put a trauma or stressful event on top of that and let it bake for a few months, you are likely to have signs of a breakdown in how the body, including the brain/mind function.

To expect someone to get well without changing any of the many potential pressures that are on top of someone is like never playing the lottery but expecting to win. You need to work at changing something. Be it your diet, how you deal with stress, start to exercise more or change something in your situation or the other factors that may be effecting you.

As a team of Therapists working in various fields we have seen what can happen if you let us help. Amazing doesn’t cover it.

Let us help or seek real individual information from an expert somewhere but do something that gets you on the right road for you and not just getting the same generic information as everyone else.



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