Is being “wrecked” all the time normal?


Fatigue is fast becoming the norm. Is that normal?office-fatigue

You might think you are supposed to want to take a nap around 3 pm or you may have a habit of falling asleep in front of the tv in the evening but it is not how our body’s energy system is supposed to work.

You should wake in the morning with energy, not have to drag yourself out of bed. We are amazing at making energy and using it well when we are not abusing ourselves and our bodies and when we are not asking it to be superhuman.

There is a real sense of “oh get on with it” when it comes to living or working with fatigue and you are expected to be in ‘top form’ at work and be able to handle life’s stresses with ease too. It is a lot to ask of a fatigued body and mind. But who has the energy to deal with their energy?

Sometimes we could all do with more energy and less ‘Drama’ about it.

I learned a thing or two about making it simple in my work in Nutrition in Cork, when I was working with nothing but chronic fatigue a few years ago.

Since I always saw an improvement and, more often than not, a massive improvement in people’s energy I knew I was on to something. Back then I worked alone but I still referred people to other practitioners who I knew would make the change even more significant.

Some of the most amazing transformations in energy I saw was when Nutritional Therapy was added to another natural therapy that was particular to the client’s health, past experience and current energy levels.

Sending someone to another part of Cork made me think, “imagine if everyone that someone that lived with chronic fatigue needed to help them have energy again was under 1 roof”.

I have that here now and they work with plenty of other conditions successfully too. So, when you contact us, we won’t send you to just anyone. We make sure it is the right practitioner for you, at the right time. Where else do you get that level of natural care?

So, if you have fatigue issues or chronic fatigue put your trust in us, let us work with you and make your journey to more energy more simple. has our info & contact details and the booking form below is in case you know who you want to visit already.



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