Sick and sick of it?


Albert Einstein was brilliant in many ways but he was also a realist. He saw that repeating the same actions will most likely get the same results. No matter how much we understand this we constantly do the same thing with our health.


When we are ill we feel powerless. We feel there is nothing we can do but keep going down the same route we have been trying.

We feel that our health is in someone else’s┬áhands and that there is no other help available.


In my experience of running a multi-therapist clinic and meeting so many amazing people, I’ve seen that people really do wait until they have exhausted the regular avenues before they try complimentary therapies.

We work hard as do they to get them well again and sometimes it is to their great surprise that they are so well by the time they have compleated their time with us. What we see is that they are not expecting this to work because they expect nothing to work.

They may have gotten used to being powerless and with what we do they learn that they are their own most powerful ally. We support a change in their bodies and in themselves. We change lives here and I’m not exaggerating when I say that we do this for hundreds of people every month.

I hope someday that many more people will see how much they can help themselves with our help. Until then I hope you will do something┬átoday about your health, something you haven’t tried before. We do not suggest stopping medication or medicinal treatment so you don’t have to choose between one or the other type of health-care. We care about your health and have training, knowledge and experience in working with people of all ages and illness.

If preventative is your thing, imagine a body working optimally, it is very unlikely to become unwell. Imagine a mind without tension and better able to cope with stress. You are getting a picture of how amazing your life can be.

Take a few minutes to get in touch. It could be the start of a new direction for you and your health.

See you soon.

The Natural Clinic Team.



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