Knowledge can be a powerful tool


Being able to dive into our bodies to find out what the problem is can be a huge help in getting well, recovering or being healthy.
Seeing where the issue in your body is means you are more likely to be able to do something about it.
There are certain complimentary natural tools that make this easier, like Kinesiology and Diagnostic Dowsing.
When you visit Shannon Bester at the clinic, he doesn’t just take a health profile he uses his knowledge of Kinesiology and Diagnostic Dowsing to see what the reasons behind the issues in your health may be caused by.
Shannon uses muscle testing and dowsing to see where a disruption to your nervous system can be causing there to be less flow of energy, less strength, more pain or more nervous system disruption and is able to work with allowing your systems to rebalance and start to function optimally again. A body out of balance is not able to work as well as it should and our bodies are able to work wonders for us when they are not under the pressure of just surviving or fighting to be healthy.
Time and time again at the clinic we have seen the results of giving the body a chance, taking the pressure off and letting it heal. It always takes care of us and helps us feel less stress, more energy and vibrancy and helps us be at our best with ease.
Shannon has been an important part of finding out as much as possible about the underlying issue and righting it so the clients can benefit from a clearer picture of the path to a healthier life. Shannon’s clients regularly find improvement in stress levels, anxiety and mood, physical discomfort and pain, nervousness and nerve pain, sleep and insomnia and digestive issues.
Shannon is available to book now in Cork at The Natural Clinic.

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