When was the last time you had a positive diagnosis?


The word ‘diagnosis’ rarely means good news. The word associated with clinical disease and treatment options. However, the word diagnosis has a
broader meaning and it can be used in other more positive ways.

Positive psychologist & happiness researcher, Dr. Robert Biswas Diener developed the concept of a positive diagnosis. This is a formal way of looking at what is good about a person.

As part of my coaching work, I use positive psychology to develop a positive diagnosis for you. I am trained to search for your strengths, capabilities, resources, values and more. I am there to help you realise these and support you in putting the positive diagnosis to use in your life.

Once I get to know you more, we add a level of sophistication to the positive diagnosis. This means, I support you in applying the knowledge to overcome challenges and make changes in your personal and professional life.

Personal life

Nowadays, people seem to be more isolated and disconnected from each other. Teaming up with a coaching psychologist can support you in becoming more connected and engaged with your community.

Engaging with positive psychology coaching can help you become a better communicator which will impact your relationships and overall wellbeing.

meeting challenges

Workplace challenges

You might find presentations challenging at work. We can figure out how to apply your top strengths, increase confidence and make you a better presenter.

If you are struggling to maintain work-life balance, I can support you implementing a realistic and sustainable plan based on your needs.

A positive diagnosis is a valuable resource for you to:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Manage your energy and stress
  • Enjoy greater resilience
  • Improved self awareness

Attending a coaching psychologist, offers you support spotting strengths and resources you might not have seen yourself. It also offers you a ‘thinking partner’ to help you creatively apply new ideas to improve your wellbeing.

Sara Kelly Coaching Psychology

Having a positive diagnosis ensures that we use your definition of wellbeing versus a generic or textbook definition. The accountability I offer is also invaluable. We partner to develop a way of ‘checking in’ and talking about progress that actually works.

If you are interested in learning more about how positive psychology coaching can improve your wellbeing, I would be delighted to hear from you via email skcoachingpsychology@gmail.com, phone or WhatsApp 0876369535.

I can offer a free initial 20 minute consultation in person or via zoom.

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