Uncertainty looms large in our lives at the moment. Some of us are surfing this 3rd lockdown with ease while many are really struggling and the news that level 5 may continue even longer is not helping.

We’ve become accustomed to less proximity and to less time with others or too much time with the same people, stuck indoors as we are and it is, by now, altering how we think about people, work, life and everything.

It can be unsettling enough to cause increased periods or stress, a poor sleep pattern, low motivation or longer periods of low mood and many people are having thoughts of changing their lives in some way. Looking to find a new career, job, pastime, friends, partner, house or country isn’t surprising with all that is happening as we have time to consider what we really want out of life. This can be good, if we can take action. It can be bad if we badly want to but cannot. Frustration can be very unhealthy when we have time to think about it.

There are many facets to good mental health, if we have the opportunity to do something good for us while we can and while life is a little slower then it can have a greater impact when things are back to whatever normal is now.

This is the time to question the thoughts and feeling that make us feel uneasy, to investigate and look deeper into why we are not living the life we want or with the person we should be or even eating or exercising as we think we should or living in the house we love or working in the career we dislike. It’s never easy but maybe if it is uncomfortable for a while it is better than being unhappy in the future.

These big decisions are important enough to talk out with someone, maybe even a professional. Don’t leave it to chance, make this year the year of getting started on a bright future.

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