Can you be healthy in 21st century Ireland?


The question is no longer whether things have changed for the worst when it comes to stress, poor health, obesity and illness levels, it’s, is it still possible to be healthy as an individual eating the ‘Typical’ diet in 21st century Ireland?

Million of people die every year from food, yep! from the food they consume. It is easy to immediately think this just refers to someone eating a lot of junk food but it’s the people who consume what is now considered ‘regular’ food that are becoming less and less healthy. When in a supermarket, what are the choices, what percentage of the choice is as healthy, or as not detrimental to health anyway, as they were 30 years ago? Regular food is not as it was.

Sadly, there is very much less choice when looking for food that has less, chemicals, salt, sugar, bad fat etc so I propose, as a nutritional therapists with 10 years experience of working with people at the very unwell end of the spectrum, that we cannot be healthy in this era if we are eating a “typical modern western diet”?  Isn’t that such a shame? Even if we are just eating standard portions of regular modern food we are more often than not eating a lot more sugar, bad fat, salt and chemicals and are getting a lot less nutritional value per portion too. Nutrients we so badly need in this time of stress, poor sleep and sedentary lives.

So, lets stop fooling ourselves that we can have a choice but to move our eating choices to a more ‘outside the box’ way of eating if we want to be healthy, or even if we just want to avoid poor health or illness.

I’m hopeful though that knowledge is power when it comes to being healthy, that we can make a shift towards better food choices but it may take a step that is not easy for most people. There is no end of options but talking with someone who will look at your individual choices, lifestyle and needs and create a way to make taking the step easier is always better than just trying another diet. I believe that the team of highly qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapists at The Natural Clinic in Cork are changing the mindset of people who know they need a change and motivating people to actually live as a healthy, vibrant, empowered, knowledgeable person who can make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls of being ‘Typical’ when it comes to food and health in 21st century Ireland.

The Natural Clinic Nutrition team in Cork are here for you online if you want to take the next step and elevate your health to new and empowering heights.

Claire O’Brien NT.

Melissa Cahill NT. 

The Full Natural Clinic Team.