Uncertainty and Anxiety during lockdown 3.0


If you’v ever had a hard time making a decision you know it can sometimes make you feel uneasy, a little or a lot more tired and more distracted than usual?

It is the undercurrent of fear of not knowing what is going to happen that can cause many people to feel a little more anxious. At this time of not knowing if we are safe from Covid-19, if we are going to lose our health or livelihood, a loved one,  we can experience more symptoms of being in a stressed or anxious state. Especially if these periods of uncertainty are prolonged.

Clients at the clinic are reporting more of these symptoms including poor sleep, overindulgence in food or alcohol, fatigue, brain fog, low mood, irritability, lack of motivation and some say they can’t really put there finger on what that feeling is.

Thankfully, there is help in the form of talking and learning how, why and what the underlying feelings are, what they represent for you and what can you alter in your thought process about them that can alleviate the feeling. The team of Psychotherapists and counselors at the clinic are working with many different issues and some focus on specific areas of emotional health. All are currently teaching ways of adapting to this time to some if not all of their clients so it might help to get in touch, to email or phone one of the team (numbers and emails are on their individual pages) or just read about each of them at the website. thenaturalclinic.ie

We are all so grateful to be here, busy and working with people who need it at this time of shifting sands when a foundation is so important.

Online or in person appointments are available through the online diary of each therapists at thenaturalclinic.ie


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