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We work so closely with clients here at The Natural Clinic Cork that we get to know their health from a physical and very much a mental, emotional perspective too. Many people come to us now specifically for mental health but even the ones who don’t might tick a box or mention a mental health issue too.

What happens when someone mentions anxiety or depression in the clinic?

We are so accustomed to seeing improvements in both physical and mental well health happening at the same time as part of what we do that it is added to the mix of health concerns we are working with for that particular person. We do not see it as a separate thing or something that needs to be worked with before or after the persons other health concerns are worked through. Our Mental health is part of our health and we improve our clients overall health here. That will involve some specific but the main aim is to make you healthy or well again.

An example is the anxiety clients our Nutritional Therapists work with can sometimes see a big shift after visiting our Osteopath. How can a physical adjustment help with mental health? It is enough to say a particular muscle can play a big part in our flight or fight system. This is also true for all the therapies here.  Our Kinesiologists may use the services of the EFT, regression therapist or our psychotherapist or the reflexologists may need the client to see our acupuncturist or our deep tissue massage therapist or facial reflexologist. If we see a red flag symptom we contact the relevant people and continue to work with them and the client. Consistent progression of health is our priority.

We do what is best for your complete health and nothing more or less. Where else can you get that level of service?

Call to chat to any of the team  or the Clinic Director Leonard Murphy who can guide you to the right therapist for where you are now.

Thank you.

The Natural Clinic Team.

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