Do you have the energy to heal?


Can a body heal if it is not able to produce energy at a cellular level?

Many of my clients have come to me for issues related to fatigue, sometimes they don’t realise that their body is crying out for energy, real sustainable energy.

If your body is struggling to make enough energy for you to go to work, play with your kids, walk with the dog or to really enjoy life then it probably does not have the energy to spare to repair individual cells, never mind entire systems of the body. Which is just what you need when you are living with fatigue daily.

Using specific therapeutic foods we can influence how nutrients are absorbed into your body and how they are used to make energy in your cells.

It can be done over a few months so your body gets a chance to adapt to each phase of the process of making energy. You will see a difference pretty soon after the first session then as we progress you will notice more changes until you are making real sustainable energy, when you are making energy your body starts to look after itself more and more, it has the energy surplus to use to repair cells and systems that need it.

This is a graphic of the mitochondria, the power stations of our cells. Together we can have a huge influence on how they make energy through food therapy. Leonard Murphy, Director & Chief Nutritional Therapist at The Natural Clinic.


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