When you need us


We don’t advertise at The Natural Clinic.

The concept of working with Natural Healthcare Practitioners as you have in The Natural Clinic is still new for many people.

When our clients experience the feeling of become well and healthy again they help up spread the word about how effective these therapies can be.

By telling a friend or family member that they think we can help they are potentially making a real difference to someone who may benefit even more than they did from working with Natural Healthcare and starting a conversation that may be the catalyst for change for them.

We are so glad to have helped and look forward to helping more people feel empowered to help themselves become healthy.

Just a run through in case you are not familiar with what we have available here at The Natural Clinic on Sullivan’s Quay.

Osteopathy, Craniopathy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Therapy, Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, regression therapy, reflexology, Alexander technique, ayurvedic and deep tissue massage, Indian Head Massage, Bioresonance testing, life coaching and more. We work together or as individuals, depending on what you need. The Natural clinic ads

Pretty much anything you need to help you when you need it.

14 therapists, 6 rooms, 3 floors, 1 great team.



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