New people to meet and greet.


It’s been an interesting spring at The Natural Clinic. 

With the arrival of Helen Bohan and her amazing somatic therapy, where psychotherapy meets movement and physical release we are seeing how people’s trauma can be held in their body and how it’s release can be incredibly effective in dealing with emotional issues. 

Also Jacinta Sheehan joined the team with her specific homeopathic therapy for hormonal issues in women. Jacinta is such an easy person to talk to, you will be easily at ease with her and her experience with female hormones can help to make a real difference to how you feel. 

As someone who tried many therapies to help with my hips and shoulder pain including physical therapy and a great chiropractor I found that Osteopathy was what really worked for me in the end. I visit once a month to keep everything in check ans do plenty of movement and stretches that I was shown by the amazing osteopath at the clinic, Jesús Arribas. 

Some very exciting news too about a new acupuncturist at the clinic, Starting on the 31st of May. Have a look at these great natural therapists and the whole team at the best clinic in Cork at this link.

Or just go ahead and book online. 


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