Does Acupuncture Hurt? A Gentle Approach for Kids


Since we introduced The Natural Clinic’s new acupuncturist, specializing in pediatric acupuncture for kids with nervous issues, digestive complaints and mood imbalances, we have noticed he is getting some great responses. There’s something really positive about Joao, and here in reception, the kids who come to see him really warm to  his calm, friendly nature.

Being a father himself of a child that needed a lot of special attention he has such a great way of working with kids. The parents appreciate how he puts their children at ease and how he explains what he is doing to them and that the needles (if needed, acupressure is also an effective option) are very short and very small, almost invisible. The children who receive acupuncture usually have less of an issue with needles then the parents he says.  

He also works with adults with nerve issues (anxiety), immune disorders (constant colds and flu), Pain, sleep disorders, digestive issues, hormonal unbalance(menopause etc, fertility, aches, Tinnitus, tendinitis and more…..

Joao (pronounced J’wow) is such a gentle guy with a calming nature that puts his clients at ease so they can get the full benefit of the acupuncture treatment. 

Acupuncture in Cork has a new face. 

Acupuncturist in Cork

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Leonard, Dir., The Natural Clinic

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