Professional Clinical Supervision


For many professions, having a safe, confidential environment to learn, reflect and get the support you need is essential. This is what Clinical supervision is all about. It can take many forms, depending on the needs of the person, the practitioner, and the profession. While sometimes it can be easy to question the necessity of it (especially when things are going well), high-quality supervision can lead to greater job satisfaction and reduced stress. 

Why is Professional Clinical Supervision Necessary?

It can help you to manage the professional demands of your work, as well as the personal aspects. This is especially important for people working in complex or challenging environments where it is often critical to explore your personal and emotional reactions to work. 

There is also a knock-on benefit for those under your care. As a professional providing a service, your ability to respond in an optimal manner can increase your skills and abilities in the times when they are most needed. And being calm and clear emotionally and mentally can have an impact on colleagues, patients, and everyone around you. 

If and when you take on new responsibilities, new roles, new work, different patients, it’s essential that you have support. Not only will it help you “Iron out the kinks”, it can also help boost your motivation, ability to think outside the box, and maintain (or rekindle) satisfaction in your work. 

For professional clinical supervision in Cork, we recommend Dr Alvina Grosu. Alvina has an MA in Clinical Supervision, a PhD in Psychology and is a lecturer for psychotherapy and counselling courses in Ireland. She is familiar with the supervision requirements of a wide range of organisations, and accrediting bodies. 


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