The best of both worlds.


I think it is so great that there have been so many advances in medicine and medical procedures. As a Natural Therapist, you might think I stand on my soap box all day talking about how terrible medicine is but it simply is not true. I have too much experience of working with chronically ill people to have any other opinion than that medicine is often necessary in our modern society. It is how it is. For now.

I had a client on the phone today who was concerned about coming to the clinic for her pain and fatigue issues because she is on so many medicines. She believed that it was a case of either/or.  That you can either go the medical or the natural route and never the twain shall meet.

So many of the people who come here are reaching out having tried many options including medical and are here because they found that some worked to certain degrees and some didn’t and now they want to take advantage of the 18+ of the best therapists in Cork — we have working under one roof at the clinic. They appreciate our approach and how effective many pillars of support can be for their health.

We work with people as they are. So if they are on medicines then that is fine too. We see people who have had to have major operations, chemo, have had issues since birth and who are on diets and supplements already and who already have made great strides in their health or are just starting their natural health journey. 

There is a reason why so many doctors recommend their patients to us. They know we are going to be professional and client centred and do our best to bridge the imagined gap between nutrition, natural healthcare and medical healthcare practitioners. If for a time, a person needs both then they will benefit from both for that time.

If you have any questions about your health issues or concerns about the best natural approach for you then we really would be delighted to help. You can call us in reception where all of our staff are trained, qualified and experienced therapists or send an email from the website and one of us will answer soon-after. 0214311977 or

Take care.

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