The Natural Team


We are constantly growing and improving here at The Natural Clinic.

With 14 therapist working to make Cork Healthier and Happier we have all anyone would need to help them feel better.

A Natural Healthcare Practitioner works with you one on one and in the consultation you are the priority. Be it an hour or 2 hours, it’s all about you.

Besides a specific form of supportive and transformative Nutritional Therapy with both Leonard Murphy and Carol Daly there is an amazingly effective form of Kinesiology with Tony Galvin and Kate Kalin, both changing lives at the clinic.

Osteopathy is beyond an effective form of physical therapy, there is manipulation and adjustments but with with Marion Lynch it is done so gently and specifically  that it really works and really lasts

Our  Amazing Acupuncturist Hayley Power works to allow the body to heal itself and is working closely with facial rejuvenation too.

We have the greatest facial reflexologist  Catherine Clooney here too to help with many issues as well as giving your face an uplifting experience without surgery.

When it comes to Psychotherapy we are so lucky to have the wonderful Caroline Crotty, her clients just love her.

Speaking of therapy for the mind Michelle Hardwick is here to support emotional issues changing lives with her special blend of supportive mind and emotion therapies.

Because our confusion about our path in life can be unhealthy we have a great life coach Brendan Mills to help you find your true path.

We have Foot reflexology too as well as a therapeutic  deep or indian head massage with the expert Michelle Gupta.

A very special form of really stretching and deep Ayurvedic Yoga Massage  comes from the Siobhan Grant.

To help to finally lose the craving for the cigarettes we introduced bioresonance with Justyna Klar to the team at the clinic.

Phew! Nearly there.

Andrew Monaghan is so new he is not yet on the site but he is bringing his amazing posture correct Alexander technique to the clinic very soon.

There are more on the way but lets face it! where else would you go to try the natural approach to health but The Natural Clinic.

14 therapist, 6 rooms, 3 floors, 1 great team. You needn’t go it alone. Front of Clinic (2)