Work can be a real pain in the…back & shoulders.


It’s well known that being in one position at work for many hours or performing repetitive movements throughout the day can cause injuries that often affect our work life. These low level, often long term injuries can present as pain for many, whether in the wrist, shoulder or back and this affects us not only physically also psychologically.

One way to help prevent this syndrome is to correct or eliminate bad habits and unhealthy work environments such as old seating or equipment and inadequate work spaces.

In addition to this, physiotherapists recommend a series of exercises and posture corrections that can help you to avoid being prone to or from suffering from future symptoms, They also may suggest specific and targeted exercises that can be performed at home or in the workplace.

Some reasons we may experience back pain are as simple as moving incorrectly, after some physical activity, stress or tensions at work, or improper postures during the various activities that we do, such as the way we sleep, the work we do or the time we spend in certain positions during work, all of this can cause us pain, that if we do not pay adequate attention to could become more intense making it impossible for us to carry out the activities of daily life.

If you have a constant, intermittent or prolonged pain it is important to pay due attention to the problem as early as possible and it is important to have the pain evaluated by a physiotherapist, they will take the root of the problem and then they will start the best treatment for you. It may be a simple change that could make a really big difference. 

Jesus Arribas Barrios started his career as a Physiotherapist and went on to become an Osteopath and a Cranial Osteopath. He now works with both disciplines depending on what works best for the patient. You can learn more about his practice at The Natural Clinic in Cork City Below. Booking online is available there too. 

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