360-Degree Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety and the state of mental health in Ireland seem to make the news daily, but with over 2 million prescriptions doled out yearly for anxiety and depression and no sign of this epidemic decreasing, perhaps it is time we looked beyond conventional models of treatment. As a recent...
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Exhausted? Wrecked? foggy?

Does what you eat affect your energy? Of course it does! We all know thes but still eat foods that are not good for energy or eat foods/drinks that are great for immediate energy only to be even more tired later on. There is so much misinformation around about...
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We are ready to help

So it’s 2016 and January is looking pretty tough if you’ve been neglecting your health, as most people do, especially over the holidays. The break was great and well deserved but getting started into health on your own can be hard. That’s what we can help with. One word...
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